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Create your own email signature online

If you liked the article on effective-email-signatures-and-legal-compliance and want to create your own email signatures, then you are going to love this.

We have now created a quick process for auto generating your own email signature templates. All you need to do is complete the form, on the ComputerSpot website, with your Business Details and we will email back a set of personalised email signatures for you.

How can I get my personalised email signatures?

Just pop over to, complete the form and the signatures will be in your email in-box in a couple of minutes.

It’s as simple as that.

Could you handle more business?

Come along to our Visitors Day on 1st February and take the first step towards accelerated business growth.

Fortress Fareham Visitors Day

The last Fortress Fareham visitor day was very well attended

We will show you a warm welcome and introduce you to lots of new business contacts. You will experience the power of the BNI formula and see for yourself how networking really works.

We meet for breakfast which means you get your working day off to a great start.

“If you believe that most business comes through networking with whom you know – then BNI is for you.” The London Times

If you’re interested in attending then either call Raglan Tribe on 0797 3337372 or leave your details in the reply forms at the bottom of this post.



WATER DAMAGE CLAIMS ARE ON THE INCREASE! It is estimated that the damage from burst pipes and other “Escape of water” damage claims has risen to an annual figure exceeding £755,000,000.

With the weather conditions as they are, the Insurance industry is seeing an increase in the number of burst pipe claims. Not all such water damage claims occur during the winter months, the majority do and when they do, they cause a tremendous disruption and damage. If you have never experienced a burst pipe, you really do need to do what you can to avoid it. Read the rest of this entry »

Mobile Phone Security, do you need it?

What is Mobile Phone Security?

Most people now have their entire lives on their mobile phone, their diary, all of their contacts and appointments and in some cases access to their bank accounts. Now that phones are more than just phones we need to make sure that the data on them is safe and secure.

Mobile Phone Security Covers

Mobile Phone security covers items like:-

  • Viruses
  • Losing your phone
  • Having your phone stolen
  • Backing up your phone data
Next Steps in Mobile Phone Security

If you want to improve your Mobile Phone Security and protect your personal and business data, then there are steps that you can take.

Find out how to protect your mobile phone and its data for free at ComputerSpot and get your own Mobile Phone Security.


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