An Urban Myth can be described as “an apocryphal, second hand story told as true and just plausible enough to be read”

There are many urban myths surrounding membership of BNI and often these prevent prospective members going to a chapter meeting and seeing the situation for themselves. Consequently missing out on one of the most cost effective marketing tools available to them. Let us now turn myth into fact:

“It is very expensive”

Annual membership is £400 (+ VAT) per annu plus breakfast costs of approximately £45 per month. Compare this cost to normal advertising and the measurable returns that you can expect from it.

Once an advert is placed you have no control over its effectiveness. With BNI you can continue to ensure that you can work at and make the very best of your investment.

What other form of marketing can you get for £20 per week and get breakfast included?

“It is mandatory to attend every week”

It is not mandatory but as this is a group of people of people working with a common aim there is an attendance policy which allows for absenteeism and the provision of substitutes.

Experience shows that when a group meets on a regular basis bonds and relationships blossom, which encourages trust and the willingness to recommend other group members. Everybody in the group is effectively a salesman for your company and by giving a commitment to regular attendance you build a circle of trust, to everybody’s advantage

“BNI is too regimented”

BNI is not regimented but is certainly structured. For any business organisation to work successfully there has to be structure as without it, failure is guaranteed.

The structure which BNI has established is proven and effective, enabling meetings to run to time and ensuring that all matters that need to be dealt with are in fact attended to. Time is the enemy of all businesses and the structure ensures that the most effective use is made of your networking time.

“There is enormous pressure to produce referrals”

No pressure is exerted on members to provide referrals. Members are actively encouraged to develop a mindset so that they are able to seek qualified referrals for other members, after all this is the life blood of any BNI chapter. In practice once a member gets fully involved, creating referrals becomes second nature.

“I couldn’t do a presentation to a room full of people”

BNI understand that the majority of people dislike any form of public speaking or presentation and to assist members there is a 5 point plan around which to build a presentation. The presentation allows you to tell other members about what you do and the unique reasons why they should recommend your business. The sense of achievement in providing a good presentation is always very clear to see with the more nervous members of a chapter.

Why not dispel all of the urban myths and come and see for your self, after all (x many) members can’t all be wrong.

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