Work for Yourself – The Power of Flexible Working

work for yourselfThere’s a real dilemma for a mum with young children who have just started school about what she can do to help provide some income to the family coffers.

With employers demanding so much more these days by way of working hours there can be a real problem with being able to fit in the school run or to be there when they are poorly.  The answer could lie in them working for themselves running a business from home where the hours are flexible to suit their own needs. They decide where and when they work.

The thought of setting up a brand new company would probably fill most people with dread. How do I go about it? What do I call it? What do I do? Etc.

Franchising could well be the answer. Franchising offers you a business in a box, a tried and tested way of doing business using somebody else’s name and product or service.  Some franchises can be extremely expensive to set up requiring the franchisee to make a large capital investment and it can be a while before any profit is made.  However not all franchise opportunities are expensive and by shopping around you can find relatively cheap opportunities that can offer high rewards in a relatively short time.

There aren’t many areas of the economy that are showing growth at the moment but the Domestic Lettings Industry is proving to be the exception and looks likely to continue that way. The use of new hardware and software in the industry allows for more reports to be completed without the need to work at night typing them up. It provides a better service to the letting agent thus perpetuating further work for the franchisee.

Proswitch Inventory Specialists are looking for mums who want to work but don’t know what to do about being beholden to their children’s needs.

Work for yourself, be your own boss, have flexible working hours! Have the support you need when you need it!  Find out more at

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